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Scottish Borders Budget Challenge

In February 2021 we will set our next budget and early in 2021 we will also be reviewing and refreshing our Corporate Plan.

Both processes will take into account a range of factors, including the funding we will receive from central government and council tax as well as local priorities, ongoing and future challenges, the need to deliver statutory services and changes in legislation.

COVID-19 will continue to have a significant impact on our finances next year and due to the unpredictable nature of the ongoing pandemic it is hard to estimate just how big that may be.

To help us understand what local residents think we should be prioritising, both as part of the budget and as part of our longer term Corporate Plan, we have identified seven of the biggest high-level challenges facing the Council and the Scottish Borders.

How to take part

Play #yourpart in shaping our next budget and Corporate Plan and future priorities by telling us which is your top priority.

You have a limited number of points to allocate across all seven areas, just as we have limited resources to deliver a wide range of services. The more points you allocate the higher the priority.

For more information on each area of challenge click on the information button next to the headings.

  • Select the locality you live in on the left of your screen 
  • Use the dials to allocate points across the seven areas
  • You only have so many points to use, like our budget, you need to prioritise!
  • Answer a few questions and submit

We know you care about your area, so play #yourpart.  

Please remember to select your locality on the left of the screen before you move the sliders. You can check what locality you're in on our website

We have two different budgets which fund different areas of the Council, revenue and capital.

Our revenue budget is £1.5bn over the next five years and £465m will be invested through capital over the next 10 years.

We have delivered £64m of savings since 2013/14 but around £30m further savings are required over the next five years. Council tax makes up around 20% of our income.

An increase in Council tax of 4.84% was agreed in February 2020 to provide for investment in roads, new care homes and the upfront funding for replacement secondary schools in Galashiels and Hawick.

We face various challenges, such as increase in older population, more demands for services, our rurality, and decrease in like for like funding from Scottish Government, we need to continue to look for ways of doing things differently.

Thank you for taking the time to take an interest in our budget. You can find out more on our website.


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